Four Unconventional Energy Saving Methods You Can Use


1. Switch time zones

Try to travel when road traffic is at a lowest. This way you can save on gas and avoid delays. For instance, you can avoid peak hour traffic if you choose to leave early by an hour. You can utilize this hour for reading, learning something new, or planning out your day. In case your firm allows flexible working hours, you could also try leaving your office before rush hour. More and more employers are also allowing employees the option to work from home during certain days of the week.

2. Ride cycles

However, ride them within your car. Don’t get it? Pretend that you have to peddle to make your vehicle move. Try to avoid driving into stops, accelerating up hills, and quick starts. Instead, you can start gradually, take things easy as you head up a hill, and stop in a controlled slow manner at red lights. However, it’s also important to use commonsense. For instance, practice this measure only when traffic allows it.

3. Shut the engine off

Some tend to keep their engine active after parking their car. This is unhelpful because 1) It wastes gasoline and 2) It can lead to your car getting stolen; and 3) If there are any children seated inside the vehicle, they could accidentally place the car in drive mode and cause a terrible accident. Also, switch off your engine whenever you’re in a situation that needs you to remain still for over 30 seconds, like at railroad crossings. Important Note: Most vehicles utilize around one gallon of fuel per hour when they stay idle. Assuming that gas costs around $4 per gallon, you lose $1 for every 15 minutes that you keep the car’s engine running on idle.

4. Prevent leaks

Many offices come with dozens of transformers, which supply electricity to scanners, modems, printers, network hubs, computers, and other such accessories. We also use transformers for recharging batteries in iPods, cameras, and mobile phones. Such transformers keep utilizing power even when you disconnect or turn off the devices. It’s similar to a slow faucet leak that keeps dripping 24/7. With every drop, it wastes precious money and energy. Although a transformer uses only a minute amount of power, when six to eight of them are taken together, they consume an amount of energy that’s equivalent to one modern light bulb. When that happens over a long period of time, a major amount of power is lost this way. Place all transformers in a single circuit strip, which can turn the strip off when the day draws to an end. You can also unplug these transformers when you aren’t using them anymore. Additionally, check your house to see if there are any electrical leaks. Unplug small ovens, toasters, and coffee makers. A few of these devices come with decorative clocks or lights – things we don’t really need.